Good Advice for Signs & Graphics Companies During COVID-19

As seen in a recent post, Image360’s Burke Cueny discusses some of the ways that Image360 centers have helped their sign and display graphics customers during the pandemic, and offers tips and strategies as we move forward.  Read...
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What Has Been COVID-19’s Impact on the Print Sales Process?

This recent article posted on by Jennifer Matt is a must read. So many trends are being amplified or accelerated by COVID-19; the evolution of the sales process is one of them. Your customers are being asked again to do more with fewer...
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New User Interface & User Experience Improvements in Latest Aleyant eDocBuilder Release

The latest release of eDocBuilder includes significant improvements to the user interface and user experience for eDocBuilder’s iFrame and Pressero Clients.  In a major enhancement, with the addition of Field Scripting, Field Designer has now achieved...
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Video Recording of Recent Aleyant Customer Roundtable "Success in a New Normal" Now Available

In this webinar, Aleyant highlighted some of our customers in a roundtable discussion that are succeeding during this uncertain time for all of us. Learn about how they are not only surviving but actually thriving by adapting their business strategy...
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Aleyant Customer Spotlight: Jason Abraham Sign & Design

  Jason Abraham Sign & Design has come along way from where it began back in 2013 in its owner’s Jason Abraham’s basement. In 2017, the company moved to a 1200 square foot location and in 2018, they expanded to add another floor...
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COVID-19 Tax Relief Roundup from Avalara

Governments worldwide are working to bolster an economy faltering under the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In many countries, including the United States, relief includes tax filing and payment extensions and even temporary rate reductions. So that...
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Aleyant Implements New Automatic Process to Eliminate Bugs 

Aleyant has recently adopted a software development lifecycle standard for delivering adjustments and enhancements in their software. This process called Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment / Delivery (CD) is also utilized by technology...
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Upcoming Customer Roundtable Webinar: Success in a New Normal – Hear From Aleyant Customers That Are Thriving During COVID-19

  Date & Time: Thursday, May 28 at 11:30 AM CENTRAL – Register Here Today! Aleyant will be hosting an upcoming roundtable where we will be highlighting some of our customers that are succeeding during this uncertain time for all of...
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Quick List Now Added in Latest Aleyant PrintJobManager Release

Quick List is a new feature in PrintJobManager that adds a simpler view of your jobs. Designed with the look and feel of both the scheduling module and the List Estimates/Jobs view, this new view provides a performance update to the current List view....
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Automate Your Prepress Workflow for Faster Throughput with Fewer People 

Faster file fixing, hands-free. Automated proof creation and approval. Customer proof markup and messaging. Management dashboards for quick overview. Integration with-Web to-Print. Integration with Management Information Systems. Process multiple jobs...
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